Why You Should Order CZ Stone Wholesale from China

For over a decade, China is standing as the leading manufacturing hub of the world and it is this manufacturing industry that has put this country on the world’s map. The massive development of China’s factories and modernization of manufacturing sector has made this country one of the finest places for sourcing top-grade Cubic Zirconia gemstones and other jewelry items.

China is the second largest jewelry market after the United States with an estimated turnover of more than 80 billion dollars and accounting for a 40% share in the consumption of jewelry in the world. The man-made diamond and cz stone jewelry industry of China is dominating the international market and cz stones wholesale China have high-value in the international market.

With continued innovation and efforts to reinvigorate the synthetic gemstone industry, China has become the prime destination for exporting wholesale cz stone. We are highlighting some of the major factors responsible for the China’s growing cz stone manufacturing market-

  • Ever-growing demand of Cubic Zirconia ornaments among the jewelry lovers.
  • Easy availability of the raw materials needed to produce high-end cz gemstones.
  • Advancement of the cz stone production and processing in China along with the development of various online sales mode.
  • The extreme demand of the cz stone ornaments in China’s home market, as a huge number of Chinese people preferring to wear high-quality and affordable cz jewelry.

According to a recent industry survey, it is the semi-precious stone industry particularly cubic zirconia stones are leading the list of China sourcing. Chinese cities such as Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Guangzhou has been at the forefront of producing high-end cubic zirconia stones and other luxury products.

Whether it is mounted or set, loose or wholesale, you can source cz stones of all varieties from China. The best thing about ordering cz stones wholesale from China is the price. As China is known for its low-labor cost, it is quite obvious that you will get the best quality cubic zirconia stone from over here at the most competitive price.

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