cubic zirconia stone

Why Semi-Precious CZ Stone is Outsmarting Other Valuable Stones

Stone jewelry personifies your style and looks. If you wear tiny pendant studded with a beautiful CZ stone, it will embellish your persona with the shine. There are many factors that are responsible for determining the price of cubic zirconia gemstones. Color, cut, carat, clarity, texture, finish and optical phenomenon are the most significant aspects of judging the true value and quality of cubic zirconia stones.

cubic zirconia stone

Cz Stone is a Perfect Counterpart of Natural Diamonds

Today, all natural gemstones have their synthetic counterparts. Man has been successful in creating most of the gemstones in the laboratory under controlled conditions. Every gemstone has its synthetic counterpart, which is widely sold in the market. The synthetic gemstones are lustrous and shine better than the real gemstones. CZ gemstone is not popular for its affordability but more notably for its fiery appearance and versatility. Cubic zirconia is crystallographically isometric and, as diamond is also isometric and simulates a diamond with remarkable likeness.

Growing Popularity of Semi-Precious Cubic Zirconia Stone

Custom cut CZ stones are getting hugely popular and replacing diamonds as the most preferred stone for jewelry. Since it is created artificially, cubic zirconia is virtually flawless without having any inclusions. If someone is trying to stay within a tight budget, cubic zirconia is an excellent option. The other great reason is that with CZ, you can get any shape or cut of stone and in any carat weight for an incredibly affordable deal.

Buy CZ Stones Only From a Trusted Online Jewelry Shop

Only the trustworthy online jewelry shops help you to determine the color and quality of the synthetic CZ stone samples for jewelry. They provide the physical samples of CZ gemstone to jewelers and shoppers along with hard copies of color samples printed on papers. Unique features or a particularly flaw-free makeup can make a semi-precious stone more valuable than its precious brethren.The appearance of a colored cubic zirconia stone is a combination of many separate factors, each of which is related to, and affected by, the others. It is precisely the complexity of these intertwined relationships that has bedeviled all attempts to quantify quality.

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