Why Moissanite Diamonds has Taken Center Stage in Jewelry Industry

Moissanite diamonds appear quite close to a natural diamond. Virtually all moissanite stones available on the market are lab-created. After many years of trial and error, the particles Moissan discovered were successfully synthesized in a lab to artificially produce what is now one of the world’s most scintillating gemstones.

Moissanite diamonds

Features of Moissanite Diamonds

Classic moissanite is not colorless and many feel that its color is similar to a GIA-certified K-color diamond. As with diamonds, the smaller the moissanite, the more colorless it will look. Additionally, under certain lighting, moissanite may project a yellow or green hue. Moissanite diamonds are quickly becoming the ultimate stone for an engagement ring stone. Some brides-to-be choose moissanite because it is nearly indistinguishable from diamond at just one-tenth the cost. The brilliance of Moissanite rings even exceeds diamond, which sparkles 2.3 times of diamond rings. With a better refractive index, the brilliance and value of Moissanite is high regarded much more than other diamond simulants.

The Modern Appeal of Moissanite Diamonds

The quality of moissanite diamonds gets better and better along with the infinite amount of cuts, colors and clarities. There is a major spike noticed in jewelry lovers opting to buy moissanite diamonds. Stunning and classic solitaires never go out of style. People love them because they can purchase moissanite solitaire stones in a variety of shapes and sizes without spending high. Moissanites have double refraction and they appear to have more glimmer and radiance. Making it a perfect choice for an engagement ring, anniversary gift or just as a present.

Technology has attained such glorious heights of success these days that it has become absolutely easy to produce top-notch moissanite gems, customized for any shade, shapes and other physical dimensions. Cutting-edge technology invariably forms the backbone of these manufacturing houses. There are many renowned online wholesale sellers of this elegant assortment of merchandise. A range of online gem and jewelry houses are investing heavily on the production of quality moissanite stones.

The soaring price of original diamonds and the growing environmental issues related with them are the two major factors consumers are looking for a lab-made substitute. Simply stated, moissanite looks like a diamond. Although, a jeweler or a keen jewelry enthusiast will know the difference. The most popular moissanite cuts include round-brilliant cut, pear-cut, marquise-cut, radiant-cut, square-cut, oval-cut, and the popular heart-cut.

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