lab created diamonds

Why Lab-Created Diamonds Are More Affordable Than You May Think

Over decades of scientific research and continuous pushing of manufacturing boundaries, scientists are now able to create gem quality lab-created diamonds on a large-scale basis to meet demands in the jewelry industry. Man-made diamonds are less costly, meaning you get a better bang for your buck! Consider surprising her by upgrading the color/clarity/cut/carat due to the savings or even custom designing her dream engagement ring – believe it or not, custom design is more affordable than you may think.

lab created diamonds

Lab-Created Diamonds are Genuine

Lab-created, lab-grown, or synthetic diamonds have the same optical, physical, and chemical properties as their mined counterparts. The only significant difference between a lab-created and mined diamond is that one forms in a controlled environment in a laboratory, the other forms over time in the uncontrolled environment of the Earth. Both lab-created and natural diamonds are real diamonds. The color and clarity of laboratory diamonds will not change over time – they are diamonds, just like those that come from the mines. Synthetic diamond, man-made diamond that is usually produced by subjecting graphite to very high temperatures and pressures.

Add the Much-Needed Pep to Your Ring with Man-Made Diamonds

If you’re a fancy person and love adding color to your jewelry, lab created diamonds are the perfect choice for you. They are available in peppy yet subtle colors like- yellow, blue and pink. These colors will help you add the much-needed pep to your diamond ring. To top this, fancy colored lab created diamonds are also cheaper than colored mined diamonds. Synthetic diamond resembles natural diamond in most fundamental properties, retaining the extreme hardness, broad transparency (when pure), high thermal conductivity, and high electrical resistivity.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are Different from Diamond Imitations

Both lab-grown and natural diamonds are distinctly different from the many diamond imitations such as cubic zirconia and synthetic moissanite. These imitations differ from lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds in many ways. They have a completely different chemical composition and a variety of different physical properties.

Some lab-grown diamonds that have been faceted can be separated from natural diamonds by a trained gemologist using standard tools. Rest assured, lab grown diamonds are 100% real diamonds. Visually, chemically, physically, a man made diamond bears no difference to a natural diamond. Not only do man-made diamonds look and wear the same way as a mined diamond, they cost less than a mined diamond. You can get a 30-40% larger lab created diamond for the same price as a mined diamond.

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