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Why CZ Jewelry Will Remain in the Top-Selling Category in 2020

A gem’s beauty comes from its brilliance, fire, luster and color. Devoid of the imperfections like yellowish hue and inclusions of original diamonds, cubic zirconia is considered too perfect to be a diamond. The advancement in the lab-created gemstone industry has made it possible to produce flawless cz gems that look absolutely stunning and perfect for wearing with any outfit for any occasion.

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The year 2019 had seen a massive demand of synthetic cz gemstones for sale. It is expected that the cubic zirconia gems will retain their top position this year too as the best selling stone in the semi-precious category.

What are the top-selling points of cubic zirconia stones-

Color variations

Cubic zirconia gems come in various colors. It is one of the main selling points of these stones. From red to purple, yellow to white, the varied cz stone color option makes it so desirable a stone for the fashion-savvy generations. The highest quality cubic zirconia stones available online have the purest colors, deep tones (not too light or dark), and saturation.

Easy availability

Earlier it was only a handful of online jewelry stores that used to sell cz stones. A fine quality cz stone was hardly available in the open market. But, with the growing demand of the classy cz gem jewelry, a larger number of online as well as offline jewelry stores are now keeping various types of cz stones. As a buyer, you don’t need to try hard for finding standard quality cz gems.

Setting options

Unlike other colored and precious stones that only look good in a few specific settings, synthetic cz gemstones for sale can look appealing in any setting. Whether it is prong, bezel or channel, with cz gems, you can enjoy the liberty to opt for any stone setting of your choice and liking.

Cubic zirconia can be set in 14k and 18k gold, sterling silver, silver plate, and platinum. Jewelry in these settings can be worn frequently without much damage to the setting. Dressing up is no big deal, if you know which jewelry and fashion to pick up with a particular outfit. As women are preferring minimalistic designs in jewelry and cz stone is an ideal option in the minimalistic jewelry designs category. The fashion-flexible aspects of cubic zirconia jewelry made it a sensible buy.

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