Custom Cut Gem

Why Custom Cut CZ Gems are the Perfect for Fashion Jewelry

Custom Cut Gem

With its brilliance, crystal clarity and closeness with the diamonds, it is the cubic zirconia which comes first in the list of the lab-created and semi-precious stone category. Cubic zirconia is a mineral that is used as a diamond simulant and is widely synthesized. Cubic zirconia is a material that is heavier than natural and synthetic diamond.

Therefore, if you weigh a cubic zirconia stone and compare its weight with that of a man-made diamond of similar size, the cubic zirconia should be significantly heavier. The gemstones that are created in the lab are almost always identical to natural stones and they have fewer flaws.

Online Platforms are the Best Place to Buy CZ Stone

Generally, buying gemstones online is much easier, safer and faster comparing to bricks and mortar stores. There are numerous gem suppliers that operate online. You need to visit their website, select the item/quantity and place the order. Because CZ is grown in a laboratory in a controlled environment, any crystals that fall short of perfect clarity are simply not used. The finest CZ gems are perfect in clarity.

Superior Quality of CZ Stone

Even though it’s man-made, cubic zirconia stone comes in varied qualities much like a diamond. Cubic zirconia stones are exceptionally good as a substitute for diamond. As the original diamonds get influenced by the cutting, purity of the rough material and the polishing of finished stones, so as cubic zirconia stones. 

Cubic Zirconia Rings

From timeless classic to modern designs, you’re sure to find the right ring for your wedding. Cubic zirconia wedding rings may be the perfect choice for couples looking for affordable wedding rings made with low cost and ethical diamond substitutes. If you want a ring that celebrates your love as well as being conflict-free, environmentally friendly, and attainable, then a cubic zirconia ring is a good choice for you. It is not only the price factor that motivates the buyers to purchase trendy jewelry items but the variety, limitless choice and innovative designs that fashion jewelry offers are the other reasons why people are leaning toward fashionable ornaments. Not just ordinary women, but celebrities too are in love with spectacular cubic zirconia fashion jewelry.

Final Thoughts

When your budget is limited and it seemed that you cannot really afford those valuable diamonds and real stones no matter how hard you try, fear not. Cubic zirconia exists to save you from making a big slash from your savings. Cubic zirconia is a really good and quality imitation of those genuine gems.

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