Top French Jewelry Trends to Follow

In the field of jewelry design, French jewelry designers are among the top-grade. The influence of decadent French literature and architecture is perceptible in jewelry design also. Unlike the British jewelry design that focuses more on the pomp and grandeur, a suave and delicate mix of classic and modern design are the primary features of French jewelry. Basically, French jewelry is neither too heavy nor too thin.

The History of French Jewelry Design

At the time of Renaissance, excessive use of jewelry became a trend throughout Europe and particularly in France. The nobility and the ultra-rich French middle class avidly followed the fashion of wearing outstanding jewelry in order to keep their social status high. France has produced some of the brightest jewelry designers during this period. In Paris, artists such as Jean Duvet, Étienne Delaune, and the Fleming Abraham de Bruyn were the outstanding creators of designs for jewelry. The delightful craftsmanship of the erstwhile French designers are still dominating the current jewelry market. A maximum number of people who order wholesale gemstones for sale online follow the patterns of French jewelry.

Jewelry Style French Girls Love to Follow

If you are bored with the same jewelry, clothing and accessory style that you follow for years, it’s time to give yourself a French makeover. From neo pearls to lab created diamond pendant, the options are limitless to upgrade your look.

Drop Earrings

French girls wear jewelry almost unconsciously, like they were born with that dainty gold chain around their neck or those tiny drop earrings in their ears.

Gold Hoops

Gold hoops are an everyday essential you’ll spot all the cool French girls wearing on the regular. French girls opt for this non-fussy, but still a-little-bit-special, style for everyday wear.

Chic Style Ornaments

France is the ultimate destination for a “Chic” style. Sleek pieces incorporating both expensive diamonds and high-end cubic zirconia gems with low price offers a comprehensive collection with enduring appeal. French girls are preferring to buy dazzling but not so expensive man made diamonds jewelry.

Thin Gold Rings

In keeping with the gold jewelry theme, French girls love wearing thin gold rings around their fingers. The best option for office or for a cocktail party. Exquisite thin gold rings with synthetic gemstones offer just enough sophistication without being too over the top for to French girls.

But the real beauty of these delicate pieces lies in the fact that each one embodies some sort of sentimental value. Get inspired by the covetable jewelry fashion that French girls follow. You can incorporate a touch of the highly sought-after French-girl style into any of your ensembles with the simple addition of a few pretty pieces.

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