The Resurgence of Retro Jewelry & It’s Modern Appeal

Retro jewelry

A lot of people especially jewelry lovers love the design, color and shape of an earlier generation- the generation of bygone years. We have an inherent predilection to the recreations of retro ornaments. There are many reasons to love antique jewelry. However, what often looks like antique jewelry is actually a clever reproduction of the real thing.

Know the Difference Between Retro Jewelry and Retro-Looking Jewelry

Retro Jewelry: There is a huge difference between retro jewelry and retro-looking jewelry. Having the knowledge of the differences will help you to become a smart buyer. Retro jewelry refers to the ornaments that were created in the 1940’s and 1950’s or previously. This is because as time inexorably marches on, the dates and allocations of retro, vintage and antique shift. So in 50 years time what was once retro will now be an antique piece. They were the original pieces of jewelry. Most antique and retro jewelry pieces are one-of-a-kind and they are not easily available all the time.

Retro-Looking Jewelry: Retro-looking jewelry is the modern reproduction of the style, design, shape and architecture of the vintage and antique jewelry. For instance, you can buy an Edwardian ring studded with the ultra-glamorous custom cut CZ stones. Compared to retro jewelry, retro-looking ornaments are quite affordable and easily available. With the growing desire to follow old-time fashion, online jewelry stores are coming up with the whole range of retro-look jewelry pieces.

The Resurgence of Retro Jewelry

In the world of jewelry, no particular design is ever-trendy, ever-best, and ever-outdated. It is the dynamism of this industry that makes jewelry design so desirable. New styles give place to the existing one and similarly new styles are replaced with the emergence of retro design. Change is the only thing that is constant in the jewelry world.

Beautiful Features of Retro Jewelry

  • Much of the Retro jewelry of the earlier times was set forth as very large, oversized pieces of jewelry that were bold.
  • The most popular jewelry eras are Georgian (1714-1837), Victorian (1837-1900), Edwardian / Belle Epoch (1900-1910) and Art Nouveau (1890-1910). Each and every jewelry period has a unique style.
  • Most of the ornaments were three-dimensional jewelry pieces using the colors of rose, green, and gold along with other massive gemstones like emeralds, amethyst, and citrines.

The second world war had an impact on jewelry production, not least because platinum and other white metals were rationed for military use. This meant that many jewelers of this age worked with gold as their metal of choice – usually a low karat gold for that matter. Similarly, the sky-high price of natural diamonds paved the way for cheap cubic zirconia gemstones and man-made diamonds.

With so many options available on the online jewelry market today, it’s a good idea to know what to look for and understand the kind of jewelry you want to buy original retro pieces or retro-looking ornaments.

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