custom cut cubic zirconia stone

The Art of Lapidary & 3 Gemstone Cuts Famous With Gem Lovers

Lapidary comes from the Latin word for stone – “lapis.” It is a noun, relating to stones and gems and the work involved in engraving, cutting, or polishing them. Imagine the vision gem cutters must have, what optimists lapidaries are, to study what is most likely an average-looking rock and know that sparkling beauty and/or brilliant color lies hidden inside. The quality and price of the gemstones for sale depend on the cutting and polishing.

custom cut cubic zirconia stone

What do Stone Cutters (Lapidaries) do?

Stonecutters often specialize in colored gemstones. These could be anything from emeralds, sapphires and rubies to amethyst, rock crystal and black onyx. These stones are then used to make jewelry or decorative objects. As well as cutting stones for new pieces of jewelry, lapidaries also repair and re-polish jewelry stones.

The Critical Part of Stone Cutting

The lapidary performs a juggling act between beauty and commercial considerations. The aim of the cutter is to try and retain as much weight as possible whilst ensuring that the most attractive color is visible through the table facet. It is also critical that the cutter adheres to certain angles and proportions in order to maximize  the overall brilliance of the custom cut cubic zirconia stone.

3 Famous Gemstone Cuts of the Modern Era

  • The Briolette Cut

Briolettes are a beautiful and elegant type of gemstone cut. The word Briolette simply refers to the pear-structured or oval stones that are cut in extended triangular facets, which cover its whole surface. The briolette gems and beads have a unique tear drop gemstone shape that has pointed tip and curved top. It takes many strokes of cutting to derive the shape. Briolettes began to gain popularity in commercially available jewelry designs in the 1990s and remain a hot trend today.

  • The Emerald Cut

The emerald cut is quite different from the popular brilliant cut, and was originally developed (as the name suggests) for emeralds, not diamonds. Because of the flat table and a few angled cuts, emerald cut diamonds display a smoother surface. An emerald cut cubic zirconia ring will be the perfect option for every couple who crave for something unique and stylish so as to stand out from the rest of the crowd. On average, an emerald cut has 5% more surface area than a comparable round cut.

  • The Cabochon Cut

A Cabochon cut, method of cutting gemstones with a convex, rounded surface that is polished but unfaceted. The term comes from the French caboche, meaning knob or small dome. Cabochon cuts can range in-depth and proportions. The outer curved surface can range from a flat slab-like structure to a very high domed bullet-like shape. The sensual allure of cabochon stones has been a magnet for lovers of beautiful jewelry for centuries.Depending which gem got the smooth cut, different iridescent effects can be admired. Cut is one of the most vital aspects of determining the beauty of a gemstone.

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