Cubic Zirconia Gems

Take Your Everyday Jewelry to The Next Level with Stunning Cubic Zirconia Gems

Fashionistas know that accessorizing with cubic zirconia jewelry can take an outfit from boring to one that will get you noticed. Some pieces of CZ stones jewelry are perfectly acceptable to wear all the time. They are called everyday jewelry. Statement jewelry pieces are always glorious, but they cannot be worn in a business meeting or during a casual outing with your family. This is where everyday jewelry ornaments come into play. The pieces that you can easily style with your daily outfits are usually simple, chic and unique.

Head below to see the best everyday jewelry pieces that round out a wardrobe:

Cubic Zirconia Studs

CZ studs are a staple in any woman’s jewelry lineup. The perfect earring for everyday wear, CZ stone studs offer an elegant statement with plenty of sparkle. Straightforward cubic zirconia stones are always a failsafe choice, but daintier designs combining multiple CZ gems can be a stunning alternative. Jewelry designers are breathing new life into studs, packing beauty and creativity into these small pieces. No longer are they simply single stones affixed onto a simple setting.

Gold Stacking Rings with CZ Stones

Stacked rings are a hot trend. Putting a gorgeous CZ gem in it is a great way to give new life to the ring and creating something totally unique. Incredibly versatile, CZ stone stackable rings offer the wearer endless possibilities when it comes to creating an individual look. And with an increasing number of fine jewelry brands getting in on the act, there are some extremely pretty offerings around. These rings may or may not be part of a cohesive interlocking design, but they always have an eye-catching effect while still being comfortable to wear on every day.

Layered Necklaces

Looking to take your everyday jewelry game to the next level? Simply add a bunch of layered necklaces into the mix. The layering look definitely celebrates delicate necklaces. Two or three create the perfect effortless, minimal look. As the cubic zirconia price is affordable, you can put a stunning pendant in it to make it more appealing. Layering your necklaces is all about having fun. Mix/match and play with lengths and colors to make an effortless statement. Different shapes, colors and textures will often work a treat.


Bangles stacked or alone, skinny and wide, have been around forever. When shopping for bracelets there are many things to consider, including when you’ll wear them, where, with what clothing, and what you’ll be doing. A bangle bracelet can be worn by itself for a simple look or can be combined with several other bangles. Bangles draw the eye with metallic shine, and several bangles clinking together make a pleasant sound. It’s important to have a wide range of bracelet styles in your jewelry wardrobe so you’ll be set for any eventuality.

Your looks can be accented or busted by the accessories and makeup you choose. Keep your regular jewelry in rotation to maintain some semblance of normalcy and to spice up your style.

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