Make your CZ Stone Buying More Attractive With These Quality Checks

There are many fabulous diamond stimulants and substitutes available on the market. Cubic zirconia is one such diamond simulant that is beautiful and has a value in their own right. These days, manufacturing of artificial diamonds has advanced, and you can buy a real (but manufactured) diamond for under half the price of a “natural” diamond.

If you love glamorous ornaments made from diamonds but cannot afford to buy one, then cubic zirconia is your ideal alternative. Synthetic gems cubic zirconia are not geographically-specific since they are created within a laboratory setting. CZ stones are about 75% heavier than traditional diamonds. Cubic zirconia is synthesized out of zirconium oxide and is produced by heating the mineral to approximately 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit to allow it to become isometric, or have equal dimensions.

Qualities Checks of Cubic Zirconia Gemstones

Hand-Cut vs. Machine-Cut Cubic Zirconia: As far as the cut is concerned, CZ stones are available in two variants, one is hand-cut and other is machine-cut. Generally, machine-cut CZ gemstones are mass produced and hand-cut CZ stones are cut individually by highly-trained experts with amazing clarity, precision and shape.

The “A” System of Rating Cubic Zirconia: At the time of purchasing Cubic Zirconia gemstones, top-priority should be given to the weight (carat), clarity, color and cut. AAAAA,highest quality, AAAA, AAA, AA, A and AB, the lowest quality. The AAA-rated CZ stones are superior in terms of symmetry, luster, and shine while the lowest quality stones are cloudy and soft. Most cubic zirconias sold today are rated as AAA quality stones. The AAA-rated cubic zirconia will give you the confidence that your jewelry will shine for years to come.

The 4Cs and Cubic Zirconia: When evaluating a CZ gemstone, we take into account the cut, color, clarity and carat weight of the stone.

  • Cut- There’s a variety of cuts that are used for different shapes, and the skill of the stone cutter is paramount to the final appearance of the stone.
  • Color- Color is typically the most important value-setting factor for gemstones. All gems have a preferred color or a relatively small range of preferred colors. Gemstone color can be broken down into three categories: hue, tone, and saturation. The first factor, hue, refers to the specific color of the stone.
  • Clarity- The clarity is the clearness or transparency of a stone. In genuine diamonds, clarity is determined by nature, minute mineral traces, and small crystals of imperfections that can cloud a stone.
  • Carat- Cubic Zirconia is rated by its weight or Carat Size. Gemstone sizes are frequently communicated in millimeters if the gemstone is small, typically less than one carat.


It’s a common misconception that all CZ Stones are the same. Just like Diamonds, there are a number of Quality Levels, and there is a range of Price Points for these beautiful look-alikes.

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