Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Make a Better Jewelry Choice With Cubic Zirconia Gemstones

Jewelry can be a physical treasure for celebrating moments that you hold so close to your heart. Special moments of your life such as the birth of a baby, promotion, surprise gift or just proposing your lady can be complemented superbly with a piece of high-quality cubic zirconia jewelry. Giving your lady something sparkly will have her thinking that your relationship is solid and that your commitment to her is assured. Your girl will take your gift as a cue that you love her.


If you want to buy cz stones in a bulk, always buy them from an online wholesale supplier. Apart from getting a huge discount, you will get the best quality gemstones in various colors. It could open up a fantastic business opportunity for you and you will get a massive return on investment in a quick time. Purchasing loose Cubic Zirconia gemstones allows the buyers to focus on the stone’s quality. As a buyer, you can make a better choice and turn your jewelry even more attractive. Buying loose stones gives you the advantage of properly checking any potential faults and verify the issues beforehand.

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Cubic Zirconia – Quality & Grading-

Unlike the zircon gemstone, cubic zirconia stones are human-made and not a mineral composition. Just like many other gems, CZs are graded in quality. From ‘A’ quality to ‘AAAAA’ quality, these stones are graded on the basis of the cut, color, clarity, and carat. This means that an ‘AAAAA’ quality Cubic Zirconia will be excellent in terms of quality and highly expensive too.

Handle CZ Gemstones with care-

Cubic zirconia also has a tendency to absorb oils – including natural oils from the skin, and oils present in lotions and hair care products. This is why cubic zirconia loose stones should be handled with clean, dry hands – and only when needed. Avoid using lotion, hairspray, makeup, powders and cleaning agents while wearing your cubic zirconia jewelry. A good way to clean your cubic zirconia is to use a small soft brush and hot soapy water to remove dirt.


Buying loose Cubic Zirconia gemstones is an excellent way to upgrade your existing jewelry collection. It is a good idea to purchase loose gemstones if you are wanting to upgrade a ring, replace a lost stone and you have an empty setting or if you have a chipped or damaged stone that needs replacing.

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