Interesting Facts About Blue Sapphire

Sapphire is the most precious and valuable blue gemstone. It is a very desirable gemstone due to its excellent color, hardness, durability, and luster. A sapphire’s durability makes it an ideal choice for engagement rings and everyday jewelry. The sapphire affiliates with the corundum family and conferred being one of the finest mineral found in the world.

The Remarkable History of Blue Sapphire

The stone derives its name from the Greek word sappheiros. As interesting as it might sound, this name was once used to refer to another stone, Lapis Lazuli. Sapphires have always been associated with royalty, romance, truth, and faithfulness. For this reason, it has been the most favored gemstone by nobility and the clergy alike.

The Cosmic Value ofBlue Sapphire

Besides, its physical properties, it is also suggested by the astrologers that this stone has cosmic connections and it possesses the enormous capacity to affect the life of an individual by virtue of its astrological properties. This stone is called the birthstone for the month of September. Blue Sapphire is the gemstone of Saturn as per Vedic Astrology. Saturn is a karmic planet and Saturn periods will make or break an individual’s life. Blue sapphire powers one by boosting one’s vivacity, positive energy and a gradual decrease in gloom

Color Variations & Online Availability

Sapphires come in all ranges of colors from blue to black to colorless and all colors in between. There are no limits to the color tone or saturation of color in a sapphire. The way in which sapphires have different colors is through the trace mineral content within a sapphire crystal. A blue sapphire will reflect blue light because the crystal has titanium element within the stone. It may surprise you to know that sapphires are blue because of impurities that are elemental. The amount of iron will also play a role in the different shades of blue that are achieved and give the stones more depth. Sapphire gemstones are readily available in every shape and cut at reasonable prices. Cut to maximize their brilliance and luster, well-proportioned sapphires in special shapes are much more obtainable than their diamond counterparts.

Rumors are that this stone can be worn for astrological reasons. However, except astrological reasons a person can wear this stone for blue sapphire engagement rings, wedding rings and in other form of jewelry.

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