Jewelry Trends 2020

Follow the Jewelry Trends that will Rule the World in 2020

We are all geared up to welcome New Year 2020 with the best it has. Each new year offers an amazing chance for a bright beginning and a refreshing start. No matter what your goals are for the coming year are or how many new year’s resolutions you plan on making for 2020, ringing in the start of a new year is a moment to acknowledge.

Jewelry Trends 2020

We’ve got all the jewelry inspiration you need to start the upcoming year in style.

Craze for Man-Made Diamonds & Synthetic Gemstones

Although semi-precious man-made diamonds and synthetic cz gems are already popular, it is expected that they will have a greater dominance in 2020. In the coming year, jewelry designers will elevate humble materials such as lab-created diamonds and low-price cubic zirconia into highly desirable pieces more and more. In the year 2020, ornaments don’t require to be made of diamonds to look stunning.

Growing Influence of French Jewelry Trends in 2020

There’s no denying it: We love French-girl style. French designs in jewelry continue to witness steady popularity in 2020. Sophisticated metalworking techniques and intricate decorations will have a strong demand. From the timeless to the on-trend, artisanal to the edgy and modern, French jewelry is expected to be revolutionized the glamour world. Manufacturing and use of cheaper custom cut CZ stones are the main contributing factor for the growing influence of French jewelry.

2020 Will be the Year of Ear Cuffs-

Wearing ear cuffs is the trend that has re-emerged during the last few years. Unlike earrings and clip-ons that attach to the earlobe, these are made to attach to the pinna, the visible outside edge of the ear. Ear cuffs have been frequently worn by celebrities and fashion models and hence are associated with cutting edge, high end fashion. Though ear cuffs have been simple, minimalist styles resembling that of hoops or miniature versions of bracelet, they have come a long way and will rule the fashion world in 2020.

Tribal Jewelry, A New Trend in New Year

Different tribes of the world have a variety of jewelry that is in high demand. They have beautiful necklaces and bangles along with lip rings and lovely earrings. Almost all the tribal ornaments have their unique appeal and glory that cannot be found in the traditional jewelry. Modern-day jewelry designers are experimenting with various types of tribal jewelry items and making them even more attractive.

Chances are you’ve been doing a lot of things right in 2019, but with a new year comes new trends. A new year always comes with new trends especially, in jewelry. Whether it’s sequins or shine, velvet or feathers, there’s appropriate jewelry for just about any style. Select the jewelry trends that will rule the world in 2020.

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