Debunking the Myths of CZ Gems & Lab Created Diamonds

CZ Gems & Lab Created Diamonds

The process of buying high-end cubic zirconia jewelry can be tough for the uninformed. There are various categories, price range and so little time left before wrapping up Christmas shopping. The right piece of jewelry can make an anniversary or birthday so much more special. Of course, the holidays are when the jewelry buying goes into overdrive!

Unlike buying precious gold or diamond jewelry, there are many types of misconceptions people have while buying lab-created diamonds and cubic zirconia gemstones for sale. In this article, we are going to debunk the myth surrounding CZ gem ornaments.

As CZ gems are cheap, they are all equal

Many people have the misconception that just because of the low price of the CZ gems and lab created diamonds, there is no need to check the quality. cubic zirconia gemstones for sale have various qualities and they are not equal in terms of brilliance, sparkle and appearance. As a buyer, you have the option to select the quality of the stone and their price varies according to their quality.

Lab created diamonds cannot go well with the precious metals-

The biggest misunderstanding buyers have regarding lab-made diamonds and CZ gems is that they are not meant to be paired with the precious metals like gold, platinum or even silver. New-age designers are coming up with stunning designs of gold and silver jewelry with glamorous CZ gems. You will be surprised to see the amount of variety, design and price options. Buyers often forget that lab created diamonds are no way inferior to the real ones and they can gel perfectly with any metals.

Lab-grown diamonds aren’t as durable as mined diamonds

With the exact same carbon crystallization as an Earth diamond, you can rest assured that your lab diamond won’t crack, fade, or change colors. Lab diamonds and natural diamonds of the same quality look identical. While the average laboratory-grown diamond is better quality than the average mined diamond, lab diamonds still range across the color and clarity spectrum, just like mined diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds and Cubic Zirconia diamonds are the same

Another biggest misconception we have is we believe that lab-grown diamonds and CZ gems are the same. It is a complete misunderstanding. Lab-created diamonds are pure crystallized carbon diamonds grown in a laboratory environment. They have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as an earth-mined diamond. On the other hand, cubic zirconia gemstones for sale are made of zircon and they are basically diamond simulants. Cubic zirconia stones only share the same look with the mined diamonds, whereas lab-created diamonds share the same look, chemical composition and quality with the mined diamonds.

Take the time to be educated about lab created diamonds and cubic zirconia gemstones so you will understand where the best value is and why. Our final advice would be when choosing a piece of fine jewelry for yourself, determine what kind of personal style you have; then choose something that fits in with that style.

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