CZ Colored Gemstones and The Specifications

One of the best advantages of working along side Jewelry by Johan is that the ability to personalize most of the engagement rings, wedding bands and other unique accessories with different elements that best suit your style and personality, including gemstones! Customizing a design with a special gemstone, or supplying your own gemstone, is extremely common and straightforward . This ultimate guide to gemstones by color is meant to assist you discover your perfect gemstone to make your dream ring or other accessory.

One last item to understand before you go treasure looking for your perfect stone. the power to swap gemstones is typically supported the setting type and Mohs scale rank for stone hardness. Here are the overall rules:

  • Prong Setting – Hardness of 5.5 or higher
  • Bezel Setting – Hardness of 6.5 or higher
  • Flush Setting – Hardness of seven or higher
  • Tension Setting* – Hardness of 8.5 or higher
colored czstones

For softer stones, in many cases a fake tension setting are often used; it appears an equivalent , but features a supportive piece of metal to secure the stone vs. using only the strain of the metal.


Mozambique GarnetMed-Dark Red, Brown7 – 7.5
Madeira CitrineDark, Reddish Brown7
RubyMed-Dark Pinkish Red9
Swarovski™ Blazing Red TopazRed8
Pink MorganiteLight-Medium Pink7.5-8
Pink TourmalineMedium Pink7-7.5
Swarovski™ Baby Pink Passion TopazLight Pink8
Pure Pink Mystic TopazPink8
Pink SapphireMedium Pink9
Pink SpinelMedium Pink8
Champagne SapphireMedium Peachy Pink9
Padparadscha SapphirePinkish Orange9
CitrineYellowish Orange7
Swarovski™ Sunrise Mystic TopazMed-Light Yellow Orange with Pink Hues8
Swarovski™ Passion Poppy TopazMedium Dark Orange8
Mexican Fire OpalMed-Dark Orange-Red5-6.5
Spessartite GarnetMedium Yellowish Orange7-7.5
Peach MorganiteLight Peachy Pink7.5-8
Canary DiamondLight Yellow10
Lemon QuartzLight Slightly Greenish Yellow7
Swarovski™ Honey Passion TopazLight-Med Slightly Orangey Yellow8
Yellow SapphireYellow9
EmeraldMedium Green7.5-8
Swarovski™ Rainforest Passion TopazBluish Green8
Tsavorite GarnetMedium Slightly Yellowish Green7-7.5
AlexandriteLight Green – Greenish Blue8.5
Green TourmalineDark Yellowish Green7-7.5
PeridotLight-Medium Yellowish Green6.5-7
Moldavite (Meteorite)Medium Greenish Brown5.5
Blue SapphireMedium Navy to Royal Blue9
AquamarineLight-Medium Blue7.5-8
Swarovski™ Kashmir Passion TopazBright Blue8
Swiss Blue TopazMedium-Dark Bright Blue8
Sky Blue TopazLight Blue8
Swarovski™ Ice Blue Passion TopazLight-Medium Blue8
Swarovski™ Passion Paraiba TopazLight-Medium Greenish Blue8
AlexandritePurplish Red8.5
Deep, Dark PurpleDeep, Dark Purple7
Swarovski™ Violac Passion TopazMedium Purple8
Mystic TopazLight Green With Purple8
TanzaniteMedium-Dark Bluish Purple6-7
IoliteMedium-Dark Greyish Purple7-7.5
White SapphireNear Colorless (may be slightly yellow, blue or grey)9
White TopazColorless (may be slightly grey)8
Forever One MoissaniteColorless9.25
Black DiamondBlack to Opaque BlackBlack to Opaque Black10
Black SpinelOpaque Black8
Black OnyxBlack6.5-7
Black TourmalineBlack7-7.5
AlexandriteGreenish-blue (daytime)/Purplish-red (night)8.5
White OpalWhite Background, Multi-colors5-6.5
Salt and Pepper DiamondWhite, Grey and Black10
MoonstoneSemi-translucent, pink/blue adularescence6-6.25
London Blue TopazMedium-Dark Greyish Blue8
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