Clear your Confusion & Explore Why Cubic Zirconia Stones are not Fake

CZ stone is the abstract of Cubic Zirconia. Because of the crystal clarity, Cubic Zirconia stones look very similar to real diamonds but in reality, they are manmade. They are synthesized crystallized material which is hard and colorless like Diamonds. CZ stones are available at an affordable price with a look similar to real once. Cubic zirconia started being produced in 1976 because of its diamond-like qualities, low cost, and overall durability. Cubic zirconia is a mineral that is used as a diamond simulant and is widely synthesized.

What Are Cubic Zirconia Grades?

Cubic Zirconia stones are rated from A to AAAAA. A is the Lowest Quality, while AAAAA is the Highest Grade available. There’s a difference in the look and the price between the Lowest and Highest Grade, and there’s a market for them all. You should understand the difference to make the proper choice when selecting a CZ stone.

On the hardness scale for stones, the genuine diamond is a 10 compared to a hardness ranging from 8.5-9 for CZ. A Cubic Zirconia stone has a refractive index (the ability to refract a ray of light into colors of red, orange, green, yellow, violet, and blue) of 2.15-2.18, compared to 2.42 for genuine diamond. Highly affordable lab-created cubic zirconia gemstones are a way to store value while enjoying beautiful jewelry. Finer quality gemstones in smaller sizes will hold value better than a larger gemstone that is less fine because of the rarity of fine quality gemstones.

Why Cubic Zirconia Stones are not Fake?

Confusion regarding the genuineness of Cubic Zirconia stones comes when we start comparing them with real diamonds. Buyers need to keep in mind that CZ gems are only diamond simulant not a real diamond. However, it is a real stone in its own right. Just because it looks like a diamond but isn’t one, doesn’t mean it is a fake stone. CZs can appear to be very like diamonds, but they have very different mineral structures. A cubic zirconia is a real cubic zirconia, but it is not a real diamond. There are a few types of stones that are used as diamond simulants, but cubic zirconia is by far the most common and the most realistic.

Often regarded as an inexpensive diamond alternative, cubic zirconia is distinct in its aesthetic qualities and physical structure. Even though Cubic Zirconia stones are man-made, they come in varied qualities much like a diamond. Cubic zirconia stones are exceptionally good as a substitute for diamond. As the original diamonds get influenced by the cutting, purity of the rough material and the polishing of finished stones, so as CZ gems. The best CZ, known as Russian Formula cubic zirconia, shines as brightly as diamonds do. Of course, not all CZ is of the Russian Formula. There are several different types of Cubic Zirconia stones available in the market.

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