3 World-Famous Jewelry Items With Amazing History

Different types of jewelry items bring a sense of identity and self-esteem. From rings worn by Hollywood greats to stones that have graced the crowns of kings and queens jewelry is a sign of style and fashion. We thought it would be an interesting reading for the jewelry lovers if we are going to discuss about some of the historically famous jewelry items. So, we have put together three world-famous jewelry items with amazing history.


hopeThe Hope Diamond is easily the most famous diamond in the world. This diamond, which was most likely from the Kollur mine in Golconda, India, was purchased by the French merchant traveler Jean Baptiste Tavernier. Today weighing 45.52 carats, the Hope Diamond is a rare wonder of nature – being not white but a magical deep blue. In 1839, the diamond was acquired by Henry Thomas Hope, which is how it got its name. After Hope’s death, the diamond passed through the hands of several owners. According to the Smithsonian Institute, the Hope Diamond is priceless because it is irreplaceable. As of 2009, it was reportedly insured for $250 million. It displays unusual luminescence because of the tiny impurities – in this case boron atoms – that give so-called “fancy” diamonds their much sought-after colors.


BROOCHOnce owned by Queen Marie of Romania this symbolic piece of brooch made out of Pecten shell was used as a crowned monogram for Princess Marie. It was crafted by C. Faberge and belongs to the history of Russian Royalty.






Asia sapphireAt 563 carats, the Star of India is the world’s largest gem-quality blue star sapphire. Some 2 billion years old, it is also one of the most well-known objects in the world. The peculiarity of this star is that the asterism is visible from both sides, on both the top and bottom side. Sapphire is opaque, milky, and in principle is no different from other similar star-shaped sapphires except for one small detail – a sharp and distinct hexagonal star on one side of the gem, while on other sapphires the star is usually displayed on both sides.


As early as Roman times, engagement rings are there to commemorate love, honor commitment and act as a symbol of betrothal. Over the years several designs, patterns and shapes heavily influenced the engagement rings. Even a few years ago, diamonds are the favorite stones for the wedding and engagement rings but now, stones like cubic zirconia are giving them tough challenge for superiority.

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