Quality CZ Stones

3 Easy Steps for Importing Quality CZ Stones From China

The advancement in the cubic zirconia manufacturing sector has prompted large-scale production of this stone in many countries. China and India in Asia and Russia in Europe are the biggest producers of cubic zirconia stones. In terms of physical appearance, lab-made cubic zirconia stones are the same as the natural material that they represent. China produces the maximum number of colorless and colored varieties of cz stone in both higher and lower grades. People from all across the world import high-end cz gems from here.

Quality CZ Stones

How you can source cubic zirconia stones from China

Import all by yourself:

You can visit China, directly contact the manufactures and import it straight to your country. But the entire process can be extremely time-taking if not hectic. You need to meet with so many manufacturers, settle the price and arrange the shipment of your product. If you are ready to take the long journey from West to East and fond of delicious Chinese food, you are welcome.

Via e-commerce platforms:

Placing orders via popular e-commerce websites like WholesaleLooseCZ.com is the best mode of sourcing high-quality and perfectly priced cz stones. E-commerce websites will offer you massive discounts on various types of synthetic stones, cz gems, lab-created diamonds along with the shipment option. You can select, order and receive your product straight in your store without any hassle.

With the help of a China sourcing agent

By appointing efficient Chinese sourcing agents, you can import cz gems directly from the supplier. You can significantly improve the overall profit margin of your jewelry business by importing cz gems from Chinese sourcing agents. As a jewelry house owner or a retailer, you can create custom engagement rings, necklaces and other jewelry pieces for clients, by sourcing top-quality cz stones. So, make a fast move and supremely boost your business prospects.

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