Quality CZ Stone Ornaments are Fit to Wear for any Occasion

Cubic zirconia loose stone or CZs are created by melting powered zirconium and powered zirconium dioxide together by heating them up to 4.982F. With different metal oxides, these stones can be made in almost any color one could wish for. Cubic zirconia is a really good and quality imitation of those genuine gems. Although they […]

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How Stone Sample Kits Help your Wholesale Purchase of CZ Gems

Bulk buying of CZ gemstones is an ideal option for the jewelry stores and retailers. In order to ease the bulk buying, the online CZ stone wholesalers have started to offer stone sample kits to their customers. The sample kits will allow the buyers to check the quality of the actual stone before placing a huge […]

The Unique Appeal of Black CZ Gemstones

Cubic zirconia gemstones come in every color of the rainbow. Each color gemstone has its unique appeal. Some gemstones have been treasured since before history began and others were only discovered recently. However, finding gems by color can often be very difficult especially since gemstone dealers tend to list availability by gem type or gem […]

Interesting Facts About Blue Sapphire

Sapphire is the most precious and valuable blue gemstone. It is a very desirable gemstone due to its excellent color, hardness, durability, and luster. A sapphire’s durability makes it an ideal choice for engagement rings and everyday jewelry. The sapphire affiliates with the corundum family and conferred being one of the finest mineral found in […]

Things to Consider While Buying Jewelry for Kids

Fashion jewelry is not limited to grown-ups only. Kids have also started cultivating a taste for fashion from a very young age. They are primarily influenced by watching their mom wearing a stunning piece of earring or necklace. Today’s kids are fashion savvy and very conscious about what kind of jewelry they are putting on. […]

Man-Made Diamonds, Girls Most Affordable Best Friend

Man-Made Diamonds, Girls Most Affordable Best Friend

Man-made diamonds are well on their way to becoming women’s most affordable best friend. It is important to note that man-made diamonds also called synthetic or lab created diamonds do not simulate diamonds because they are actually diamonds. They have the exact same physical, chemical, and optical properties as a natural diamond. They are not […]

CZ Stone Jewelry Quality Every Buyer Should Know

From ages, gemstones are cut and polished for self-decoration. There are mainly three types of gemstones produced all over the world- natural gemstones, lab created gemstones and simulants. Over the last couple of years, enormous growth and demand has been noted in the market of lab created loose cubic zirconia gemstones.   As a diamond […]

Trendy Jewelry Options Exclusively for College Girls

Trendy Jewelry Options Exclusively for College Girls

Spring is here and I know college students could not be more excited: spring break, sunglasses, short-sleeves, flip-flops, bright colors and of course, new jewelry! Cubic Zirconia jewelry is not just a stunning piece to flaunt in college but a stylish way to adore oneself. Keeping your signature style intact, cz jewelry can be the best […]

Promotional Strategies Jewelry Store Owners can Follow

The business of gem and jewelry is getting competitive. Several new and companies and established brands are introducing new jewelry designs, unique choice and lucrative deals to woo customers. Whether you are offline or online jewelry store owner, you need to come up with a brilliant business plan in order to keep your business flourishing. […]

Custom Cut Options for CZ Gemstones

The quality of cuts plays a major role in deciding a CZ gemstone’s value and beauty. The Four Cs – Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat – are the qualities we use to grade gemstones. Cuts are graded as follows: (A) Excellent, (B) Very good, (C) Good, (D) Fair, (E) Acceptable, and Lower than acceptable. Just […]

Why Man Made Diamonds is the most Popular Topic of Discussion

The price gap between man-made stones and natural gems has widened over the years and the difference is set to get even bigger. Man-made diamonds have positioned themselves as an ethical alternative to natural stones, which have long been associated with conflicts in Africa and the massive environmental footprint of modern mining. Man made diamonds types […]

Make your CZ Stone Buying More Attractive With These Quality Checks

There are many fabulous diamond stimulants and substitutes available on the market. Cubic zirconia is one such diamond simulant that is beautiful and has a value in their own right. These days, manufacturing of artificial diamonds has advanced, and you can buy a real (but manufactured) diamond for under half the price of a “natural” […]

Clear Out Few Common Misconceptions Related to Jewelry

There are great deal of myths related to jewelry. Because of this, as a buyer, you need to know the truth behind these myths and equip yourself with facts. This will help you avoid making a reckless purchase and make sure your investment on jewelry is worthy.   In this blog, we are trying to […]

How Men can Mix & Match Hottest Styles of Jewelry

The term ‘jewelry’ is almost always associated with women but men’s jewelry can seriously amp up your personal sense of style so long as you wear it right. Men’s ornaments are made with a masculine feel and finish kept in mind. In recent years, men’s buying habits have also moved well beyond the traditional confines […]

Know the Different Parts of a Beautifully-Crafted Ring

Whether it is engagement or wedding, the choice of ring is extremely important. The selection of ring can make the occasion more enticing and memorable. Having a complete knowledge about the ring you are buying will make your investment worthwhile. According to the fashion jewelry experts, a beautifully-crafted ring consists of different parts. The interesting […]

The Growing Popularity of Amazing Pearl Jewelry

People around the world have treasured pearls for thousands of years and remain a staple jewelry item for fashionable women. Pearls are organic and the only sustainable gem on earth. Although a pearl is classified as a gemstone, it is not true a mineral; a pearl is instead a composite of the mineral calcite or […]

Tailor Every Detail Of Your Ornaments With Customized Jewelry

At the beginning of the human civilization, jewelry pieces were not made of precious metals and gemstones. With the passage of time, the ornament pieces became more sophisticated incorporating gold, silver and expensive gemstones. Ornaments have become the objects to be worn for the sake of style, personal embellishment and beauty. Personalized Jewelry– Jewelry fashion […]

Highlight your Style this Winter With High-Class CZ Jewelry

Gorgeous cz stone engagement ring or chandelier earrings, there is nothing that lifts a look and brings a smile to our face like jewelry. High-class synthetic gemstones jewelry has the power to make an ordinary outfit outstanding. Every woman feels pride in displaying ornaments and drawing all the eyeballs towards her. During winter it becomes really […]

Why Investing in Lab-Made Diamond is a Good Idea

Man made gemstones have been in the market for decades. The technological advancement in the synthetic gemstone manufacturing played a pivotal part in making them more popular. Man made diamonds refer to the gemstone made of essentially the same chemical composition, crystal structure, optical and physical properties as the natural gem material. The lab-grown diamond […]