About Us

We are a Chinese gemstone manufacturer since 2003. We have been happily working and growing in the gemstone manufacturing industry for over one decade.

It has been our vision to set a new precedent in the loose cubic zirconia wholesale gemstone market in both impeccable gemstone quality and in reasonable, sustainable pricing for our valued partners in the jewelry industry.

It has been our pleasure to live out our dream of providing what is truly industry-leading value to our customers with a diligent and passionate work-ethic from all our employees; from our factory workers, to our business visionaries. We believe that a good business relationship starts with excellent customer care, and that such customer care can only be cultivated by creating an environment that fosters the passions and creative energy of all our staff.

Our passion has been our fascination with the man-made perfect gemstone, cubic zirconia.  This breathtakingly beautiful gemstone is– we feel– far more noble than the diamonds and earth-born gems that are often produced by practices that are unnecessarily detrimental to the environment, and just as often under inhumane circumstances for the workers of that industry.

In contrast, cubic zirconia is made directly from human ingenuity and effort; and as a result is economical, and as free from any flaw as it is versatile in its many shapes and forms. Cubic zirconia is something made and intended to be a gemstone from the first moments of its creation.

This… deliberateness, and perfect beauty has always fascinated us and inspired us with a vision which we now share with you today.

This vision has led us to supply you with a rich variety of remarkably high-quality loose cubic zirconia gemstones and beads at competitively low wholesale pricing– and our commitment to not only satisfying but impressing our customers has led us to eagerly take on even the unique custom orders from our clients, regardless of how demanding your very own dream may be with cubic zirconia.

We follow traditional rigorous above-industry-standard quality assurance practices that ensure that our gems are consistently ideal in their prismatic structure and refractive quality. Also we employ state of the art gem-cutting equipment and techniques to ensure that each gem is finely cut with exact craftsmanship to the specifications of the client’s order. We aim to show you with each one of our pieces what it means to be a gemstone.

We supply nearly 100 million cubic zirconia pieces every year.  We are proud of them all. But we are still eagerly improving, and always learning– always figuring out more.

We keep integrated with a network of specially skilled artisans to extend the variety of gemstones that we provide, as well as the techniques we employ in our cutting-edge craftsmanship.

Of course, much of this vision of ours has been enabled to grow by our ongoing commitment to competitive pricing, and the significantly lower costs for buying cubic zirconia in bulk provided to our customers. At wholesaleloosecz.com, our customers enjoy lowest wholesale prices online along with our unparalleled product quality. So whatever your needs are for cubic zirconium, you can be assured that one of our experts will be able to take care of your needs – and do so at a price that will not allow you to ever regret your purchase with us.

We at wholesaleloosecz.com are truly passionate about what we do; and we invite you to contact us for any questions or curiosities about cubic zirconia and the business of CZ stones that you may have.